Fall is now into full swing! The clocks have fallen back an hour and it is dark by 6pm and the chill in the air hints of snow. Thanksgiving is right around the corner! If you know of any families that would benefit from a Thanksgiving food basket this season, please let someone on the church staff know! As always, thank you for your generosity and prayers during this time of the year!

Deacon Tony

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Veterans Ride

Every year around this time, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts cruise the town with a police escort in support of our veterans! Our church shows its support by gathering outside the front steps of the church to wave our flag nice and high in support of their efforts! God bless them and our veterans!

Deacon Tony

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Mother’s Day 2019

The Mother’s Day breakfast at the church was a great success! Special thanks to all those brothers in Christ that helped make it happen. The women were impressed and said everything looked and tasted good. It is a good thing we started the evolution with prayer! Praise God!

God bless all of our Mother’s – Amen!

~Deacon Tony

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The church’s annual picnic is next Sunday July 29th! We being setting up at 10am and service will be at 11am. All are welcome to attend the service and picnic, members and visitors! The church will be providing the meat (hamburgers and hotdogs) and the guests will bring a dish or desert to pass. The kids have a great time playing at Kiwanis Park in St. Joseph, MI! There will be other games to play, horse shoes and Christian music! So come join the fun as we worship our Savior and fellowship together at the picnic. Mark your calendars, its this coming Sunday July 29th!

~Deacon Tony

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Everyone that participated in the VBS camp out had a great time, maybe not too much sleep, but had a great time. The weather was hot and sticky, but the pool kept everyone refreshed. God bless all the teachers and helpers that made it all possible for our children!

~Deacon Tony

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The Vacation Bible School campout is scheduled for this Friday (13th) beginning at 6pm! The weather will dictate whether it will be cancelled or not. We have had a lot of hot weather lately and strong storms. So, lets pray for good weather and remember to bring your swimsuit!

~Deacon Tony

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4th of July

We will be celebrating our Independence Day this coming week! Remember, our freedom came at a cost and it is through strength that we get to keep our freedom. This progressive idea that we can just welcome all people regardless of their pure or impure intent and not defend our borders is how a nation loses its identity and is over run by people that do not share our values, respect our laws or our flag. A person wanting to come to this country must want to be an American legally and forsake the country they are fleeing from. To watch an illegal immigrant settle into a house in America and run up the flag from the nation they were fleeing from is a slap in the face to all Americans.

~Deacon Tony

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